Corporate Wellness



Healthy, fit and happy people are more focused, sharp, alert, and confident! A fit, healthy and motivated workforce makes all the difference in a business.



Case Study: Macquarie Team Building

Objective: Our partner Macquarie had a charitable event and wanted a new and innovative way to involve their employees.

Solution: A team of CrossFit coaches came over to the Macquarie office to hold workout sessions with their employees. Employees who came in to do the workout gave cash pledges that would later go to the company’s beneficiary.

Results: The Macquarie employees enjoyed the workout and encouraged others to join! Employees from different departments came together in fitness to support their company’s beneficiary. The event was a success, and everyone became better from the experience!


Case Study: H&M Bootcamp Challenge

Objective: Entering the New Year last January with added holiday pounds and hopeful resolutions created a need to jump start everyone’s fitness journey.

Solution: Last January we had the H&M 30-Day Partner Bootcamp Challenge! Both partners earned points for every workout and lost points for eating sugar, carbs and drinking alcohol. The goal was to bring people together to aim for overall health and wellness in the new year. This was facilitated online through where they simply logged in their scores daily. Through this, participants also saw their placing on a real time leaderboard.

Results: Whether or not they placed or won the challenge, all participants saw big changes in their overall performance and health. Many lost pounds, inches and gained new and better attitudes towards pushing themselves harder in the gym and making better food choices.

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